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Fall 2015 Testimonies


Karen–The first exercise of praying and then revealing what the Lord gave to each of us was precious.  The exercise of our imaginations and our Happy place was very helpful!  The fellowship is awesome.  The energy, joy and all Holy Spirit is Fruits are so healing and exciting.  I am praying that ‘Game Changers’ is what the Lord is preparing for me.  Thanks all of you for your efforts!  So many Blessings!!


Jody–At first I had no picture of a quiet place, then when I asked God to show me a peaceful spot just for me, firs, I saw a pond with a lot of very colorful beautiful flowers around.  Then I saw some autumn trees-very colorful, all around too, then I asked Jesus for more.  I was sitting on a large rock, you and at peace, the, I asked Jesus to join me.  I saw Him sitting on a rock next to me and He grabbed my hands.  Jesus told me He loves me and will always be with me!


Joe & Rachel–I really appreciated all of the ministry times during the conference.  The practical training exercises to hear prophetic words from God were very useful.


Kate–In Lander, we had the conference in a church.  This time in a ministry center.  Both of these venues have carried a special freedom and intimacy with Father that I hope continues.  I will be praying it continues.  I think the “canned music” is perfect–please continue that too.  Invest in the things that work right now.  I loved having advisors as the speakers.  It worked this time too.  Lunch was fantastic.  It was ALL a home run!!  Love each of you so much!!


Jeff–The Holy Spirit was here!  He was working on us all during the prophetic word session.  The gift of tongues enveloped me like never before.  The words shared by our table, I felt empowered by all of it.  That was Friday.  Into Saturday the gifts kept coming.  Eyes of the AGLOW were bright and full of familiarity, love, kindness.  As my first experience with AGLOW, m wife and I will be getting involved.  Thanks, God Bless.

Fall 2015  Gwenette doing an activation activity



Spring Gathering 2014

Speaker Nonnie McViegh

Gwennette Dancing before the Lord

Our smallest worshippers!            Getting new lenses!