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Every Nation Touched, Every Heart Changed.

       Tony Portera

was born and raised in New Orleans.  He moved to Wyoming in 1986 where he was called to pastor LaBarge Christian Fellowship, now "The Potter's House".  After 8 years of ministry in an institutional

understanding, he sought God and was led to go to Toronto Christian Airport Fellowship in 1994.  There He encountered the Love of the Father's Heart and was changed forever.  He became a true worshiper and an abandoned lover of His Father God.  


Now he is in a constant pursuit of God's Presence.  He minister from a heart that has been touched and healed by God.  Tony would truly have to stay, "In

Him, I live and move, and have my being."  By God's grace Tony is what he is, and by God's love Tony is who he is.

      Candy Henderson

Pastor of Word Alive Church in Douglas WY.  


More info to follow.


      Larry Dodge                is the director of Wyoming Prayer Network along with his wife Barbara.   They own a construction business in Clark Wyoming. Their ministry of Clarksfork Warriors for Christ began in 1998 with a word from the Lord of ‘Prepare the Way’.  The result of that word has been ministry, missions, teaching,  and prayer initiatives within Wyoming, this nation, and among the nations of the world.  Larry is also currently serving as a state advisor to the Wyoming Aglow Area Leadership Team and is the WY State Emergency Preparedness Representative, the Great Plains Rocky Mt. Regional Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and is on the Task Force for Emergency Preparedness with Aglow International.

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